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This hyperlink is to an article which is a good start for those who wish to investigate a case of how the liberal disease can prove deadly.

The salient point of this case is that it proves, irrevocably, that “doing on to others as you would have them do unto you” is a weak excuse used by those who oppose the thought crime of raising a dissenting voice against the religion of egalitarianism and its dogma of White racial guilt.

The religion of egalitarianism would have otherwise reasonably intelligent Whites ignore such things such as behavioral  temperament, brain morphology, hormone levels (testosterone), average IQ, which all lead towards a sharp propensity for violence in non-Whites world-wide. This  propensity comes  regardless of culture or economic status.

Many Whites have been duped into pushing the party line of egalitarianism for the sake of proving themselves as not being a racist, which in itself is merely done for fashion’s sake. This mental disease has all too often  proven to be nothing short of suicide; even for Whites who have actually taken action on the behalf of the so-called “oppressed” non-White masses, such as those in South Africa.

This all too often deadly infection that finds fertile ground in the minds of all too many Whites, comes from the dogma of White guilt. So strong is this infection in Amy Biehl’s father that he actually made it a point to shake the hands of his daughter’s killers. This may have afforded him, in his mind, the opportunity to “be the better man“, which in itself is a form of “supremacy“. By that act, some may consider that he was saying: “See world, I am better than these wretched creatures that slaughtered my daughter.”  Of course the sad truth is that he was hoping the message most White people would take away from it would be: “See world, by forgiving these poor, poor men who brutally slaughtered my child because she was White, PROVES I am NOT a racist!”

However, that behavior sends quite a different message to me. That message is: “Happily offer your children for slaughter, it’s the fashionable thing to do!


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