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Below is a video about a devastating case in Richmond CA.  The long and short is: a 15yr old White  girl was robbed, brutally beaten and gang-raped by a mob of non-Whites, for nearly two hours with school officials nearby and did nothing.  Reports have placed 10-12 separate attackers and nearly as many onlookers who cheered and took photos/video with cell phones.

Since YouTube has decided to remove all videos that identify the race of the victim of this crime, I have provide a link to the general query using key words about this case.

*The reports of the attack being recorded have not been confirmed but with the prevalence of teens using cell phones to record their school-yard/back-yard fights for the purpose of posting them on sites like YouTube and LiveLeak,  greatly increases the chances are of those reports being true.

CNN ran the story ONCE on its cable channel and it was on their page for only two days.  Ask yourself this: If the attackers where described as White and the victim described as non-White, what would the coverage have been like?

As the past is the best indicator of the future, it would have made the front page news for WEEKS and would have been THE talked about event on all the news cross-talks. Cross-talks about the “vulgarity of White Racism” etc etc. The NAACP would have been outraged that the school officials did NOTHING to prevent this tragedy.  But alas, the victim was only a 15 yr White honor student, therefor not of any real importance. Even less important was the fact that the gang of sex-crazed fiends were only “Hispanics”, so there will not be any need for any outcry from ANY of the NAACP hypocrites.  In fact I don’t expect there to be ANY outcry from ANY racial advocacy groups at all, least of all  from any White advocacy groups.

After all, who would want to be seen as a “racist” for pointing out the racial demographics of this crime? Better not to “offend” the so-called “minorities” in Richmond CA…which in actuality are  the MAJORITY at that school.

The above  vid  presents two of the rape victim’s friends appear and make the statement that Whites are a in FACT a minority at that school. (The video has been removed from YouTube because it “violated terms of service” in other words, it revealed the truth about non-White on White crime. If you are lucky you can find the video elsewhere. I have left the link about to prove that what I’ve just stated is the truth.

As YouTube is notorious for removing “offensive” material, that means material that may cause free thought on matters such as race,  I will provide this hyperlink to this story elsewhere.

BTW, the YT video is just a copy of the official news broadcast and was not “user” created…that is not created by a “racist”.

As you browse the case on all the major ZOG controlled  media outlets take notice that none of them has the “hutspa” to indicate the Whiteness of the victim. Sometimes what they DON’T report is just as important as what they DO report.


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