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One of the two men convicted in the “DC Beltway Sniper” case is seeking to make himself a martyr with his professing of his “innocence” as the time for his execution by lethal-injection draws near. I will provide these hyperlinks here for further information on the details of the case. Below is a short Associated Press video on YouTube on the case:

This blog entry will only explore the racial aspect of this case. Which is the ONE detail that the controlled ZOG press refuses to comment on. Even though it was made readily available to the public that there was a distinct racial motivation for these two men, who are black, the press intentionally overlook it. Again, not wanting to “stir up discontent” amongst the masses by pointing out yet another case of gross disparity in racial makeup of violent crime. Lee Boyd Malvo, John Allen Muhammad’s accomplice gave a much more detailed account of their “master plan” and that plan focused on murdering Whites.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry which describes Malvo’s 2006 testimony on the racial aspect of the case:

Phase one consisted of meticulously planning, mapping, and practicing their locations around the DC area. This way after each shooting they would be able to quickly leave the area on a predetermined path, and move on to the next location. John Allen Muhammad’s goal in phase one was to kill 6 white people a day for 30 days (180 per month). Malvo went on to describe how phase one did not go as planned due to heavy traffic and the lack of a clear shot and/or getaway at different locations.”

The fact that Whites were the intended targets should not be obscured by the partially mixed racial makeup of the actual victims. By Mavlo’s  own admission the two couldn’t proper execute the plan and it seems they simply took what they could get.

One of the most disturbing aspects of their “master plan” was “phase two”, which included murdering a pregnant woman and more directly, her gestating child. Wikipedia doesn’t mention if the victims race would have been prerequisite but if they were to stay true to their initial plan, in all likelihood the target would have been White.

Here is another Wikipedia excerpt:

Malvo described how this phase was close to being implemented, but never was carried out. Phase Two was intended to begin by killing a pregnant woman by shooting her in the abdomen.”

This is just one of the thousands of cases yearly in which Whites are specifically targeted for brutal crimes by non-Whites. The relevant point of this blog is to point out that even though this case was held as  “high-profile” and was in the headlines for weeks in the ZOG controlled media, the clever media bosses excluded any mention of the racial aspect of this case.

That fact alone should have all Whites seriously reconsidering their positions on matters concern race and crime.




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  1. Various of folks blog about this subject but you wrote down some true words.

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