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*Note: A recent PM exchange with a YouTube user (who shall remain anonymous) has inspired me to make this update to my blog.

I suppose the best way to start is to describe where I began in my understanding of this “event”.

I was a long time believer in this event as it was told by the Mass Media and the “history” books. I saw the specials on television and of course many photos/films of the corpses and all the poor emaciated people in the camps and thought to myself that anything else the Historians have to say about this event must be true. So when I later heard all the stories about the “gas chambers” and the “lamp shades made of human skin” and “soap made from human fat” I had no trouble accepting all these “atrocities” as fact.

It was dreadful to me to think that these things could have taken place but even more dreadful to me, was the thought that someone would actually DENY that they had occurred. I mean, we have all the photos/films right? Photos/films are “proof” right?  A picture “speaks a thousand words”…right? And of course no one would ever misrepresent something in a photo/film as one thing when it was really showing another…right?

I had convinced myself that all those “Holocaust” photos/films were showing exactly what they said they were and that there was no way that I could see that any of the photos/films could have been misused in any malicious way. After all, seeing is believing right?  Readers, please ignore all those photos/films of Big Foot and The Loch Ness Monster out there, those will only serve to confuse the issue.  🙂

I reassured myself with all those “eye witness accounts”, that they all can’t be lying or mistaken. Sure, there were many conflicting and inconsistent accounts of the events but those witnesses were kept cold, hungry, tired and in fear of their lives so those factors could account for their flights of fancy or errors in recollection or perception. Of course, not a single one of them could be expected to be a victim of rumors…right?

And of course, the Nuremberg trials! Those Nazi meanies, they ADMITTED to what they did! We all know that a confession taken as evidence of any crime is completely reliable! I can easily overlook all the coercion that had occurred time and time again within Military Tribunals, heck I can even overlook how my local cops abuse their authority and get coerced confessions. After all, those Nazis were “the bad guys”, so even if a few eyes were gauged out or a few fingers got cut off so what? They deserved it! They were the “bad guys”! Our grandfathers fought them and by golly, they would NEVER fight on the wrong side of a war!

OK. That is where I used to be and to be honest, that is where MANY Americans are still…that being stuck on stupid.

I first heard the horrible stories about “The Holocaust” in middle-school history class. Yeah, they have to get us whilst we’re young. We were still gullible then, even though a bit wiser as most of us had only recently learned back then, that Santa was just our folks and the East Bunny didn’t come and hide eggs and leave us candy. Again, it was good old LYING Mom and Dad. Yeah, we can forgive them for that little deception, so what’s one more lie from an adult, huh?

Of course, I had also been indoctrinated with all those “historically accurate” films such as “Schindler’s List” and it was all so dramatic and “believable” that it just HAD to be true. It reinforced what my history teacher told me: those Nazis were big bad meanies! Well, I continued to blindly believe this because: “one should never, ever doubt what no one is sure about” or should that be the other way round? I dunno…ask Willie Wonka about that one.

A few years back, I joined a little site called YouTube and being full of piss and vinegar, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the world. My world view and EGO were quite intact and they played well together. I even took on some of those “big bad meanie ‘wannabe’ Nazis” on YT and found that they were not only “racist” but also, GASP…”Holocaust Deniers”!

Whilst I did agree with them on the issue of race, I just couldn’t get over all this “Jews control this and Jews control that garbage” and I especially found repugnant all this “The Holocaust was a lie” business. It seemed so….RUDE!

I mean, to point out the epidemic Black on White crime rates was one thing, they had a lock with data such as that collected by the Department of Justice BUT to say that “The Holocaust was a big lie”?! Now that was just SILLY! You have gone TOO FAR Mr. Nazi sir, whom I agree with on race…sir!

Still, no WAY, no HOW, was my grandpa WRONG about those darned Germans! Big MEANIES! They tried TWICE to “take over the world!” It didn’t matter to me that WWI started over an internal issue such as an assassination of a member of Royalty. It didn’t matter to me that WWII began, chiefly, as a territorial dispute with Poland, who had unfairly been given land stripped from Germany in the grossly unfair Treaty of Versailles. We “The Great US of A”, tell the world what to do! That’s right! We had every right to do so then and we STILL DO in fact, just ask the average Iraqi! We tell EVERYONE what they can or can not do or think! If, they don’t like that, then “nanny nanny boo boo”! That and we will bomb your country until you submit to our way of thinking! 🙂

Well, one of these “big mean Nazi guys”, who turned out to be “not so big and not so mean”, I dare say he was rather “NICE”, sent me a link to the site below:

He challenged me to watch objectively and noted that this site was not a “Nazi site” and that in fact, it was his place where he himself got his start in his understanding of “The Holocaust”. So I begrudgingly decided to check it out. He had challenged me intellectually and basically said that if I didn’t give the “other side” a chance then I wasn’t being fair. In fact, I said that I was likely more scared to be proven wrong then anything else; he had seen how arrogant I was and knew my EGO would get in the way of any further discussion.

So, with the intention of proving him wrong, I watched and I watched and my over-confident smirk turned to a frown and I realized…he was right, I was wrong. I had been a HUGE jackass and had thumbed my nose at a few folks I should not have. So I began DEVOURING everything else I could get my hands on about “The Holocaust” online. And again and again, I came to the same conclusions. The “big meanie Nazi guys” were not so “big and mean” after all.

What conclusions did I draw from my investigations? It wasn’t that “The Holocaust” didn’t happen. I concluded that it didn’t happen the WAY they (the Jews) said it happened. Did people die in the concentration camps? Yes. But the salient question was: Of what? The answer to that question came in two forms: disease and starvation. Which raised another question. Was the starvation and disease intentionally inflicted on the camp inmates by the Nazis following some high command order? My conclusion: No. The starvation did not come on until the last few months of the war and that was out of necessity. The Allied/Soviet forces were advancing and cutting off vital supply lines and depriving ALL Germans, not just the prisoners but also the citizenry of much needed food supplies.

The disease, mainly typhus was simply incidental, rather it was omnipresent. In fact, it was the typhus that was the main killer, ironically typhus was the very disease the Nazis were trying to keep down with all that Zyklon-B. That was why they had it at the camps kin the first place. They didn’t have the more effective DDT like the Allies.

From my investigations, there was NO state sponsored eradication of the Jews and not a single Allied intercepted German message mentioned word one about a gas chamber or any amount dead due to any “final solution” order from on high in the Nazi command.

Lastly, my investigations had found that even the so-called “Holocaust Historians” couldn’t get their collective stories straight and in fact had been quite blatant in their altering of  “history” to suit their own purposes. This was done by design as to solicit a more dramatic emotional response from those who would fall for their so-called “research”.  The most glaring example of the fraud committed by these “historians”, was their maintenance of the now famous 6 million dead Jews number; even long after the official changing of the plaque at the most infamous camp of them all…Auschwitz.

Our diligent internet Guru, Rassisten, has provided us all with a nice video to illuminate this last point:

With all this in mind, I took another look at those big bad Nazi fellows and their Youtube channels and realized that most of them weren’t Nazis after all. I started to learn about the symbols they used and the reasons they used them and realized that they have little to do with Nazi Germany much any more and were more about racial pride and cohesion. I was stunned. I had been so arrogant.

I kept digging and that’s when I learned a terrible truth. That truth was how I had come to believe all those lies taught to me in the first place. It wasn’t just the teachers and the movies; it was what was pouring out the TV every day and what was spilling from the lips of fellow students and co-workers. There seemed to be a certain “theme”, a central “focus” or “direction” to their political/social compasses: They were all stuck on…stupid.

I was shocked at first, but then I started thinking about what those now “not so mean, not so Nazi guys” were saying about The Mass Media. I began to see that most folks were completely RULED by it. It told them how to dress and what to think and say. It instructed them on what music to listen to and what worthless retail crap to buy to be more “fashionable”. I then started to learn about the “who” that was behind The Mass Media and how it all tied together.

That “who” was the Jews. At first, it seemed silly, like most “conspiracy theories”. Ya know, the ones about “little green men in the moon controlling all the weather” or “Bill Clinton being a man of high moral character” but then I started to look into who owns The Mass Media and discovered, by way of public record, that the vast majority, nearly 90% , of ALL The Mass Media outlets WORLDWIDE were owned/operated by Jews. That included: Magazines, TV stations, Cable Networks, Publishing Companies, Movie Studios, Music Labels, the list went on and on and on…all owned by Jews.

Surely this had to be a coincidence! Surely, the Jews are just business savvy and the fact that they dominate the Global Mass Media Market is just due to their diligence and hard work right?

Then I began to learn who was behind all the major International Banking Firms and the most powerful political lobbies and again I found: Jews, Jews and more Jews. For only 2.5 % of the world population, these Jews sure seem to get around. They always seem to be in the key positions in all the major areas of finance, politics, education, news media and entertainment.

I again asked myself: Can it still all really be just an amazing coincidence or is there something more sinister going on here?

Then it dawned on me: If they control the overwhelming majority of these institutions, they can control what people think, buy, learn and amuse themselves with. Holy CRAP! Then I thought to myself: If I wanted to control what the WORLD thought about ANYTHING, I would want to make sure that I was in COMPLETE control of these things too! HOLY CRAP! Those darned, “not so mean, not so Nazi guys” were right again when they kept saying: “Jews control this and Jews control that!”

And that brought me back to “The Holocaust” and I realized that the Jews had sold this LIE to the world BECAUSE of their collective control of the Mass Media, Entertainment, Financial, Political and Education Systems. They were the ones writing the checks AND the history books, movie scripts and school curriculum. They have been able to dramatize this “Holocaust” lie to the world and at the same time, through their control of all the aforementioned institutions, they could control dissent and vilify ALL that stood up to them! The cleverness of it! The sheer cleverness! You have to admire it a little.

Then I thought: Well OK…all this may be true but WHY? WHY would they do such a thing? Why make such a vicious falsehood and spread it as they did? What purpose would it serve? How did they profit from it?

That answer came to me as I looked through links on the history of Zionism. Their profit was: Israel. The Jewish State of Israel was what they got for their collective efforts and it turns out that the Jews had been trying to get Palestine for themselves since the early 1900s with the Balfour Declaration. Here is a link for those not in the know:

Since the Jews didn’t get what they wanted (Palestine) out of WWI, when they (the Jews) told the Brits that if they got the USA into the war to save their (Brits) arses from the Germans, they had another go with WWII. But this time they wouldn’t be refused and it wasn’t going to be enough to get the Stars and Stripes back into the trenches of Europe, they HAD to have Palestine and would do whatever it took to get it. So coming up with a horror story about how terribly they (the Jews) and THEY alone were treated (to HELL with anyone else that died in the camps…regardless of reason), would ensure that NO ONE would refuse them this time. It didn’t matter to them how many lives had to be lost nor did it concern them that they would permanently smear an entire Nation (Germany) in the process.

For an insider’s confession on this Jew Think, watch the series linked below:

What was the end result of all this?  Well, the Jews got Palestine, didn’t they and now they have committed a REAL “Holocaust” and a REAL genocide against the Palestinians. Now, whenever they are questioned on ANYTHING they use “The Holocaust” to drum up sympathy and avoid criticism. When that doesn’t work they even try the laughable excuse of Israel being their tribal god’s “will”, which of course reveals a whole other side to them: their utter contempt for non-Jews and their feelings of TRUE supremacy. They see the world in two camps, Jews and non-Jews or “Goyim” as they call us all collectively.

It’s this “Jewish Supremacy” that allows them to feel no remorse for committing such things as Genocide, after all we are “only gentiles.” In fact, what they have done to the Palestinian people is just their latest act of Genocide against non-Jews. They did the same thing in Communist Russia, as the vast majority of the Bolsheviks were Jews. So too were the Stalinist Commissars who slaughtered over 20 million (officially) non-Jews during Communist rule in Russia. They pulled the same stunt during WWI and used the Turks to slaughter the Armenians en masse so they could claim their land! And to think, all this time, they HAD a homeland all ready and waiting for them: Birobidzhan

Here are some useful links to research all the “far out claims” I just made:

I know I got a little link-happy but it was needed. I feel it is best to back up what I say and not just spout off about what I “think” the truth is or what I “want” the truth to be.

Again, this all brings to bare the following questions:
Why the Jews?
Why “The Holocaust”.
Why is it relevant?

Well, the Jews, as I have demonstrated with those links, have been the key players in all the major horrors on the 20th century, horrors that shaped the world today. “The Holocaust” lie is what they fall back on when someone points out all the under-handed, destructive or otherwise evil things they have done, either past or present. And it is relevant, because they still use it to this very day. They get BILLIONS in “reparations” each YEAR to fund their little terrorist state of Israel and of course the same funds fuel their quest for world conquest. Not to mention the untold MILLIONS made each year with their many “Holocaust Museums” and media created to profit from this myth.

Irony sometimes supplies us with the best gifts of truth. The link will take you to a series that follows a Jew (now an Atheist) by the name of David Cole as he tours the Auschwitz camp. The series illuminates many of the inconsistencies and out right frauds committed by those who keep the camp open as a means of maintaining it as a viable propaganda machine.

You can see the whole seven part series here:

Also be aware of what this cost him for speaking out:

I conclude this blog by suggesting my readers please take the time to read at least something from the “opposition”. By all means read what “the other side” AKA those who have perpetuated this gross distortion of history collectively called ‘The Holocaust” to serve their own ends. To truly understand an issue one must comprehend both sides of the argument or at the very least the motivations and rationalizations that each side has come to or have come to base their positions on. With this in mind, I suggest reading this book to get an “insiders view” from the pro-Holocaust camp. It is less a rebuttal for revisionists such as myself and more of a critique in the truest sense of the word on those who perpetuate the Holocaust mythos for their own greedy reasons.

*I do not endorse in any way “” or any other distributor of literature or other media. The above link is supplied for reference purposes only and to show that this information is freely available for those who wish to find it.


One of the two men convicted in the “DC Beltway Sniper” case is seeking to make himself a martyr with his professing of his “innocence” as the time for his execution by lethal-injection draws near. I will provide these hyperlinks here for further information on the details of the case. Below is a short Associated Press video on YouTube on the case:

This blog entry will only explore the racial aspect of this case. Which is the ONE detail that the controlled ZOG press refuses to comment on. Even though it was made readily available to the public that there was a distinct racial motivation for these two men, who are black, the press intentionally overlook it. Again, not wanting to “stir up discontent” amongst the masses by pointing out yet another case of gross disparity in racial makeup of violent crime. Lee Boyd Malvo, John Allen Muhammad’s accomplice gave a much more detailed account of their “master plan” and that plan focused on murdering Whites.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry which describes Malvo’s 2006 testimony on the racial aspect of the case:

Phase one consisted of meticulously planning, mapping, and practicing their locations around the DC area. This way after each shooting they would be able to quickly leave the area on a predetermined path, and move on to the next location. John Allen Muhammad’s goal in phase one was to kill 6 white people a day for 30 days (180 per month). Malvo went on to describe how phase one did not go as planned due to heavy traffic and the lack of a clear shot and/or getaway at different locations.”

The fact that Whites were the intended targets should not be obscured by the partially mixed racial makeup of the actual victims. By Mavlo’s  own admission the two couldn’t proper execute the plan and it seems they simply took what they could get.

One of the most disturbing aspects of their “master plan” was “phase two”, which included murdering a pregnant woman and more directly, her gestating child. Wikipedia doesn’t mention if the victims race would have been prerequisite but if they were to stay true to their initial plan, in all likelihood the target would have been White.

Here is another Wikipedia excerpt:

Malvo described how this phase was close to being implemented, but never was carried out. Phase Two was intended to begin by killing a pregnant woman by shooting her in the abdomen.”

This is just one of the thousands of cases yearly in which Whites are specifically targeted for brutal crimes by non-Whites. The relevant point of this blog is to point out that even though this case was held as  “high-profile” and was in the headlines for weeks in the ZOG controlled media, the clever media bosses excluded any mention of the racial aspect of this case.

That fact alone should have all Whites seriously reconsidering their positions on matters concern race and crime.



Below is a video about a devastating case in Richmond CA.  The long and short is: a 15yr old White  girl was robbed, brutally beaten and gang-raped by a mob of non-Whites, for nearly two hours with school officials nearby and did nothing.  Reports have placed 10-12 separate attackers and nearly as many onlookers who cheered and took photos/video with cell phones.

Since YouTube has decided to remove all videos that identify the race of the victim of this crime, I have provide a link to the general query using key words about this case.

*The reports of the attack being recorded have not been confirmed but with the prevalence of teens using cell phones to record their school-yard/back-yard fights for the purpose of posting them on sites like YouTube and LiveLeak,  greatly increases the chances are of those reports being true.

CNN ran the story ONCE on its cable channel and it was on their page for only two days.  Ask yourself this: If the attackers where described as White and the victim described as non-White, what would the coverage have been like?

As the past is the best indicator of the future, it would have made the front page news for WEEKS and would have been THE talked about event on all the news cross-talks. Cross-talks about the “vulgarity of White Racism” etc etc. The NAACP would have been outraged that the school officials did NOTHING to prevent this tragedy.  But alas, the victim was only a 15 yr White honor student, therefor not of any real importance. Even less important was the fact that the gang of sex-crazed fiends were only “Hispanics”, so there will not be any need for any outcry from ANY of the NAACP hypocrites.  In fact I don’t expect there to be ANY outcry from ANY racial advocacy groups at all, least of all  from any White advocacy groups.

After all, who would want to be seen as a “racist” for pointing out the racial demographics of this crime? Better not to “offend” the so-called “minorities” in Richmond CA…which in actuality are  the MAJORITY at that school.

The above  vid  presents two of the rape victim’s friends appear and make the statement that Whites are a in FACT a minority at that school. (The video has been removed from YouTube because it “violated terms of service” in other words, it revealed the truth about non-White on White crime. If you are lucky you can find the video elsewhere. I have left the link about to prove that what I’ve just stated is the truth.

As YouTube is notorious for removing “offensive” material, that means material that may cause free thought on matters such as race,  I will provide this hyperlink to this story elsewhere.

BTW, the YT video is just a copy of the official news broadcast and was not “user” created…that is not created by a “racist”.

As you browse the case on all the major ZOG controlled  media outlets take notice that none of them has the “hutspa” to indicate the Whiteness of the victim. Sometimes what they DON’T report is just as important as what they DO report.

This hyperlink is to an article which is a good start for those who wish to investigate a case of how the liberal disease can prove deadly.

The salient point of this case is that it proves, irrevocably, that “doing on to others as you would have them do unto you” is a weak excuse used by those who oppose the thought crime of raising a dissenting voice against the religion of egalitarianism and its dogma of White racial guilt.

The religion of egalitarianism would have otherwise reasonably intelligent Whites ignore such things such as behavioral  temperament, brain morphology, hormone levels (testosterone), average IQ, which all lead towards a sharp propensity for violence in non-Whites world-wide. This  propensity comes  regardless of culture or economic status.

Many Whites have been duped into pushing the party line of egalitarianism for the sake of proving themselves as not being a racist, which in itself is merely done for fashion’s sake. This mental disease has all too often  proven to be nothing short of suicide; even for Whites who have actually taken action on the behalf of the so-called “oppressed” non-White masses, such as those in South Africa.

This all too often deadly infection that finds fertile ground in the minds of all too many Whites, comes from the dogma of White guilt. So strong is this infection in Amy Biehl’s father that he actually made it a point to shake the hands of his daughter’s killers. This may have afforded him, in his mind, the opportunity to “be the better man“, which in itself is a form of “supremacy“. By that act, some may consider that he was saying: “See world, I am better than these wretched creatures that slaughtered my daughter.”  Of course the sad truth is that he was hoping the message most White people would take away from it would be: “See world, by forgiving these poor, poor men who brutally slaughtered my child because she was White, PROVES I am NOT a racist!”

However, that behavior sends quite a different message to me. That message is: “Happily offer your children for slaughter, it’s the fashionable thing to do!

On thought crime:

As a self-described “thought criminal”, the contents of this blog shall be rife with such “criminality”. This blog shall occasionally discuss topics raised by others that have been labeled “thought criminals” and of course independent “thought crime” is likely to occur; much to the chagrin of those that wish to police thought.

Also, this blog shall, on occasion, initiate an exploration of the reasons that thought, itself, is rapidly becoming criminalized and it shall attempt to shed light on those who wish it criminalized and more importantly the “WHY” behind the reason(s) it is to be criminalized.